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Bar ri o /bahr-ee-oh/ n 1. A Spanish word meaning our community, territory or neighborhood; a barrio is considered to be a cohesive place rich in tradition that is populated by a tight knit minority. 2. A mixed Ultimate team originally formed in Tucson's Barrio Anita, it is a community of players proud to be representing the desert section in its return to the UPA Club Championships. 3. Barrio connotes spirit, love of the game and a never say die attitude.


2008 top rank point blank can't deny that the desert be vital. We got sick flows sweet throws back at the show in our quest for the title. Duelin' again, rulin' again, mulin' again, droppin' those layout Ds cause we paid the cost to be the boss with these floss, gloss, salt and pepper strategies. The road is tough when you roll with us but sure enough we on that level to manifest, the best, rain, snow, or shower, even at 101 in the high noon hour solar powered, we tower, above, empower, and bring the hustle, pounce, and devour. 



2008 Southwest Mixed Regional Champs



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